The Millennial Model

Rose Abramoff and a group of mostly Millennials (with a few of us old farts included as well) have published a paper describing a new model structure of soil carbon dynamics based on current process-level understanding. The CENTURY and RothC …

Watching a forest breathe

flux-towerDr. Davidson recently worked with a University of Arizona-led research team to publish some groundbreaking work in the journal, Nature, that significantly improves our understanding of photosynthesis in temperate forests, including how these forests use carbon dioxide.

The …



Our new article highlighting the importance of producing more food with less pollution was just published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Read it here

Hungry planet requires more efficient use of nitrogen

nitrogen_carousel-510_0_0The global population is expected to increase by two to three billion people by 2050, a projection raising serious concerns about sustainable development, biodiversity and food security. Given the world’s growing food demands, nitrogen fertilizer use is likely to increase. …