Eric Davidson, Ph.D.

Photo of Eric DavidsonEric A. Davidson is the Director and Professor of the Appalachian Laboratory of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Frostburg, MD.  Previously, he was a scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center since 1991, including serving a term as the President and Executive Director.  His research in biogeochemistry includes the exchange of plant nutrients from the land to streams and groundwater and the exchange of greenhouse gases between the soil and the atmosphere.  He works in a variety of ecosystems, including forests, pastures, and agricultural fields in the Amazonian and Cerrado regions of Brazil and in forests of New England. Davidson holds a Ph.D. in forestry from North Carolina State University and held post-doctoral positions in soil microbiology and biogeochemistry at the UC-Berkeley and the NASA Ames Research Center.  He is a Fellow of the AAAS, served at the President of the Biogeosciences section of the American Geophysical Union, and is now President-Elect of the American Geophysical Union.  He served as the Coordinator of the North American Center for the International Nitrogen Initiative and is the leader of a Research Coordination Network on Reactive Nitrogen in the Environment.  Davidson has written a popular book, You Can’t Eat GNP, which explores the links between economics and ecology for students and laypersons.

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