Rachel Nifong, Ph.D.

I am an ecologist with interests in stoichiometry, hydrology and computer modeling. My research primarily examines the relationships between the stoichiometry of autotrophs and ecosystem structure and function in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. More broadly, I am interested in how organisms assimilate and retain elements and how differences among organisms scale up to affect ecosystem patterns and processes.  I use an integrative approach including empirical observation, experiments, and models to investigate these effects along naturally occurring gradients of abiotic factors and answer questions that are important to both ecological theory and conservation.  To date, my work has taken place in systems ranging from the springs of northern Florida to the eastern Amazon basin.

I  began my post-doc with Dr. Eric Davidson at the Appalachian Laboratory in Frostburg, MD in May 2015.  Before that I was a US Environmental Protection Agency STAR Graduate Fellow and received my Ph.D. under Dr. Matthew Cohen at the University of Florida.

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