Pre-Renovation – Soil and Plant Wet Lab

In 2008, the laboratory housed analytical instrumentation to support research projects that processed analyzed soil and plant samples. Analytical equipment included a Lachat QuikChem 8000 Flow Injection Analyzer, Dionex Ion Chromatograph, and a Carlo Erba NC 2500 Elemental Analyzer.

CASIF Laboratory Renovations

To accommodate the IRMS and all of its associated peripherals, major renovations were undertaken in the former Soil and Plant Wet Lab. The center island bench was removed, some cabinetry was relocated to other areas in the room (as well as elsewhere in the building), casework by the windows was removed, new electrical lines were run, a gas cylinder storage hub was constructed and installed, exhaust ductwork was re-routed and a plexiglass hood enclosure was constructed and installed for the moving wire peripheral.

CASIF Laboratory – November 2010