Sample Preparation and Submission

AnalysisIsotopesOn-campus Price^Off-campus Price - StandardOff-Campus Price - BulkApproximate Turn Around Time
EA, solidsδ13C, δ15N, %C, %N$7.50$9$8.50*3 months
EA, solidsδ13C and %C$6.50$8$7.50*3 months
EA, solidsδ15N and %N$6.50$8$7.50*3 months
EA, low N content solids, e.g. wood, soilδ15N and %N$13.00$14.00$13.50*3 months
EA, difficult solids, e.g. filters, enrichedδ15N and %N and/or
δ13C and %C
$11.50$12.50$12*3 months
EA, solids%C and %N only$5$6$5.50*3 weeks
TC/EA, solidsδD$12$14$13*3 months
TC/EA, solidsδ18O$12$14$13*3 months
Gas Bench II, carbonateδ13C and δ18O$18$20Contact Us
Gas Bench II, DICδ13C$12$14Contact Us
Gas Bench II, Denitrifier Methodδ18O and δ15N$32$40Contact Us
Gas Bench II, N2O Gasδ18O and δ15N$15$16Contact Us
Moving-wire, pollen, spores, and dissolved non-volatile organicsδ13CContact UsContact UsContact UsContact Us

*Bulk price for sample sets greater than 200 samples.

^On-campus users include faculty and students with appointments at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, West Virginia University, Frostburg State University, and the Canaan Valley Institute. Please note that on-campus users receive priority for scheduling of sample analysis.

All rates are subject to change on a quarterly basis.

Rates assume that samples have been prepared by user and are ready for analysis. Add $5 per sample if CASIF staff prepares the sample (grinding, washing keratin, slicing tree cores, acidifying soil, etc.) and add $4 per sample if CASIF staff weighs sample. Instruments for weighing and preparing samples are available to on-campus users for a minimal fee if user provides labor.

CASIF currently accepts payments by credit card, check, or money transfer. Any fees associated with a money transfer will be the responsibility of the payee.