An Exploratory study linking teacher professional development with changes in teaching practices

For this NSF-funded (NSF 0833524) research project, we examined the impact of technology-intensive professional development (PD) on classroom practices through studies of PD designers and teacher participants. We produced a technology implementation framework, which is integral to our current Technology Observation Protocol project.

Some project products:

  • Parker C., Stylinski C., Bonney C., Schillaci R. & McAuliffe C. (2015) Examining the quality of technology implementation in STEM classrooms: Demonstration of an evaluative framework. Journal of Research on Technology in Education 47(2):105-121.
  • Stylinski C.D., Parker C.E. & C. McAuliffe (2013) Effective strategies of teacher professional focused on geospatial technologies ESRI GIS Education Conference. San Diego, CA
  • Stylinski C.D., C. Parker & C. McAuliffe (2012) Integrating informal education experiences in K-12 technology-intense teacher professional development American Education Research Association Conference. Vancouver, BC (online paper only available to more than 25,000 AERA members)
  • Stylinski C.D., C. Parker & C. McAuliffe (2012) Strategies of Teacher Professional Development Focused on Real-World Technology Applications International Society for Technology in Education Conference. San Diego, CA