AR Girls 2022 Maryland

Join AR Girls Virtual Camp – Maryland this summer, and use your creativity and design skills to produce your own augmented reality (AR) experience centered around the theme reducing wasteDuring the weeklong AR Girls camp, you will learn to use a cool and simple AR app called Metaverse to overlay graphics, videos, audio—even your own art and photos—on the real world. Your AR experience will focus on a waste topic that matters to you and is an issue in your community. This might be food waste, plastic waste or fashion waste. You will get to share and playtest your AR experience with other girls around Maryland!

Click here to apply to AR Girls Virtual Camp – Maryland!

Apply soon — first-come first-serve, and you don’t want to get stuck on the waitlist!

  • Who can attend: Girls residing in Maryland ages 12-16
  • When: June 27 to July 1 2022 from 10am – 2pm
  • Where: Wherever you like (it’s virtual!)
  • Cost: It’s free
  • Required prior experience: None! Just an interest in art
  • What is needed:
    • A quiet place to participate
    • Access to internet
    • Computer (Apple or PC)*
    • Mobile device (Apple or android)*
    • Creativity!

*The Metaverse app will need to be loaded ahead of time. Contact us if access to technology is an obstacle for you.

Still have questions — email Jenna Linhart at

AR Girls is funded by the National Science Foundation (1657317). It is a collaboration between the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance, Harvard University, Oregon State University and University of Wisconsin Madison