Chesapeake FieldScope

This capacity building project provided training and created web-based resources that helped educators effectively integrate FieldScope, a digital mapping tool, into their own meaningful watershed education experiences (MWEE). The resources were collaboratively developed by ALESE and National Geographic staff along with other regional partners, and was supported by NOAA (NOAA NA10NMF4570053).

Project products:

  • Mapping Our Streams on FieldScope
  • Mapping Our Streams Curricular Unit and Map – Comprehensive curricular unit using watershed analysis to determine factors affecting health a local stream site (~9.8MB zipped folder)
  • Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) Investigations – Mini-explorations exploring statewide stream health patterns (1.7MB zipped folder)
  • Mid-Atlantic Sustainable School FieldScope- FieldScope map of sustainable practices in the Chesapeake Watershed and surrounding regions. Add your sustainable school!!
  • Mid-Atlantic Sustainable School FieldScope Help Videos- A set of step-by-step video guidance for entering and exploring data (YouTube)
  • Sustainable School Datasheet- Datasheet to helping in the collection of needed sustainable school data
  • SLR Chesapeake Bay Curricular Unit– Comprehensive curricular unit exploring SLR impacts using computer modeling in the Chesapeake Bay (~26MB zipped file)
  • SLR Delaware Bay Curricular Unit– Similar to the one above but a bit shorter and focused on the Delaware Bay (~9MB zip file)