Flood of Mud: The Roanoke River Past and Future

This video project produced an 18.5-minute documentary that highlight the Lab’s research on the effects of historical human disturbance on floodplain ecosystems and the role of technology in science investigations. It was broadcasted on North Carolina Public Television, regularly shown at the North Carolina Museum Aquarium at Roanoke Island, and is available on YouTube.

Some project products:

  • Stylinski C.D., N.A. Stylinski & P. Townsend (2007-2008) Flood of Mud documentary (broadcasted on North Carolina Public TV and shown at North Carolina Museum Roanoke Island). 2008 Videographer Awards of Distinction and Excellence, 2008 Communicator Silver Awards, 2008 Telly Silver and Bronze Awards, 2007 Ava Platinum Award, 2007 Davey Award