Making the Link

Meaningful watershed education experiences (MWEEs) can support implementation of education standards, as well as promote effective outdoor experiences and stewardship. We worked closely with educators to develop a collaborative pathway to produce high-quality standard-based MWEEs. This proven pathway is now available to you!

Specifically, the Making the Link Pathway is built on the premise that collaboration and peer-review provides a robust pathway for writing high-quality standards-based MWEEs that teachers can and will use in their classroom. In additional to linking NGSS with MWEEs, it links curriculum writers with environmental education (EE) providers to apply their shared expertise in classroom instruction and outdoor education to develop MWEEs and, via “Peer Advisory System,” to ensure they are of high quality.

The Pathway consists of four progressive steps:

  1. Establish a partnership between curriculum writers and EE providers
  2. Collaboratively develop the first draft of a high-quality standards-based MWEE
  3. Get draft MWEE reviewed by a peer(s) via the Peer Advisory System
  4. Revise the draft MWEE based on peer review

Click here to access the Making the Link Pathway that will support you in collaboratively developing high-quality standards-based MWEEs

Funding: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (3 years, NA17NMF4570273)

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