TOP – Science

(also called Validating an innovative technology classroom observation protocol in high school classrooms)

Classroom observation protocols provide critical tools for examining the impacts of technology on student learning; however, while many describe instructional practice and technology, none comprehensively capture the quality of technology use. Our Technology Observation Protocol for Science (TOP-Science) team is developing and validating a protocol that will evaluate the quality of technology use in high school science classrooms and will deepen our understanding of the effect of the integration of these technologies on teacher implementation of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our protocol builds on our Classroom Technology Implementation Framework, developed through an earlier NSF research project, and centers on NGSS science practices, student-centered teaching, and contextualized teaching.

Funding: National Science Foundation (4 years, 1438368; “Validating an Innovative Technology Classroom Observation Protocol in High School Classrooms”)