Lessons from President George H. W. Bush for the Present Political Environment

President George H. W. Bush squeezes fruit juice into a glass while visiting the Everglades on 19 January 1990, a few weeks after Bush signed the Everglades National Park Protection and Expansion Act. Credit: Diana Walker/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The recent passing of President George Herbert Walker Bush reminded me of the huge contrast between his tenure and that of our current president. During the week commemorating President Bush’s life, much was said about his compassion, respectfulness, and decency. Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike expressed appreciation for his bipartisan leadership. Less was said, however, about his respect for science and evidence-based science policy and his concern for the environment, legacies that form the basis for many of the environmental policies that continue to this day. Much can be learned from the late President Bush’s legacies in science and environment. Please read on….