Current Members:

Photo of Eric DavidsonEric Davidson, Professor

Eric Davidson is interested in biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems including the effects of management, land use change, and climatic change on soil C and N stocks, trace gas emissions from soils, and leaching of plant nutrients to streams and groundwater. He currently conducts work in the Brazilian Amazon Basin and Cerrado region as well as the forests of New England.



Photo of Jake HagedornJacob Hagedorn, Ph.D. Student

Jake Hagedorn is interested in soil biogeochemistry, hydrology, and agriculture.  His dissertation was on the effects of drainage water management on emissions of N2O and CH4 measured by soil chambers in an agricultural field in eastern Maryland, which he defended in the summer of 2022. He is currently in a tenure-track position at the University of North Carolina at Ashville.



Photo of Qiurui ZhuQiurui Zhu, Ph.D. Student

Qiurui is interested in the atmospheric-biosphere interactions and biogeochemistry. His dissertation entailed measurements of N2O and CH4 fluxes from corn and soybean fields in a working farm on the eastern shore of Maryland using a flux gradient method. He found no consistent difference in fluxes between plots with and without drainage water management. He also made what may be the first micrometerological measurements of large N2O fluxes immediately after biosolid additions to a recently planted corn field. Quirui successfully defended his dissertation in November 2022.



Former Members:

Photo of Rachel NifongRachel Nifong, Postdoctoral Researcher

Rachel Nifong’s research interests include the stoichiometry of organisms across abiotic gradients. She investigated how the impact of fire and land use change affects ecosystem resiliency in Eastern Amazonia.  Rachel is now Research Hydrologist at the USDA-ARS Southeast Watershed Research Lab in Tifton, GA.



Photo of Debjani SihiDebjani Sihi, Postdoctoral Researcher

Debjani Sihi is interested in soil organic matter decomposition along anaerobic to aerobic gradients. Her research work focused on integrated belowground greenhouse gas flux measurements and modeling. She is now an assistant professor at Emory University.