Graduate students

Dr. Nelson currently has funding for a M.S. student (starting in spring or fall 2020) to work on a new paleoecological project funded by NSF that aims to investigate factors driving the collapse of mesic tree populations in eastern North America during the middle and late Holocene. This interdisciplinary project involves scientists at the University of Wisconsin and University of Wyoming. The student would be particularly involved with performing carbon isotope analyses of pollen grains to determine the role of moisture stress in driving changes in plant community composition through time and across space. Please contact Dr. Nelson for more information.

Applicants interested in applying for external fellowships should contact Dr. Nelson to discuss possible projects and funding sources. Potential opportunities include:

UMCES Presidential Fellowship

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

EPA STAR Graduate Fellowships

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Ford Foundation Fellowship Program

Postdoctoral opportunities

No extramural funding is currently available to hire postdocs. Applicants willing to apply for fellowships should contact Dr. Nelson to discuss possible projects and funding sources. Potential opportunities include:

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology

NSF Earth Sciences Postdoc Fellowships

IC Postdoc Program

Undergraduate opportunities

Internships are available at the Central Appalachians Stable Isotope Facility at the Appalachian Laboratory, Frostburg, Maryland for students interested in learning how state-of-the-art stable isotope instruments work and are used to investigate diverse questions in fields such as ecology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, and paleoecology. Applicants must have a background in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Ecology, or similar field, data processing skills, strong organizational skills and attention to detail, ability to work closely with others in a lab environment, and eagerness to learn the methods and applications of stable isotope analyses. To apply please email rpaulman@umces.edu with your GPA, major, and interest in this position.

Community college, undergraduate, and K-12 educators

Science faculty at community colleges, predominantly undergraduate institutions and K-12 schools who are interested in actively participating in ongoing or proposed NSF-funded research in Dr. Nelson’s lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Nelson. Opportunities may be available through NSF’s Research Opportunity Award (ROA) and Research Experience for Teachers (RET).