Public Engagement with Science

Online lesson with The Towson University Center for STEM Excellence, Bird Migration and Climate Change Students learn about the research of a local scientist Dr. Emily Cohen as they work to answer the driving question:  Are bird migration patterns changing?  This activity is designed for upper level high school students and fits well in biology, environmental science or research methods classes. Grades 9–12. NGSS Alignment. 

New NSF-funded research will build on my past efforts with the public at bird-banding stations by bringing together an all-female team of science education professionals. I will collaborate with Dr. Cat Davis at UMCES’ Public Engagement with Science Lab to conduct an applied evaluative study of the effectiveness of public engagement experiences at bird banding stations (Michigan State Bird Observatory and Powdermill Avian Research Center) that will be disseminated within the ornithological community, raising awareness of the importance of effective public engagement. I will work with Dr. Mary Stapleton at Towson University Center for STEM Excellence to develop learner-centered, inquiry-based climate change pedagogy in line with Next Generation Science Standards collaboratively with secondary STEM teachers while providing them opportunities to engage in authentic research.

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Cover Photo by Claire Nemes