Call for submissions: AGU session GC073 on “Quantifying Nutrient Budgets for Sustainable Nutrient Management”

Dear colleagues, 
Please consider submitting abstracts of your work to the session on “Quantifying Nutrient Budgets for Sustainable Nutrient Management” for the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting (Dec. 13-17, New Orleans & Online Everywhere). More details are attached below. 
Please note that you will be able to submit two abstracts as the first author in the AGU fall meeting this year. 
We would also appreciate it if you can share this session with your colleagues working on related topics. We look forward to seeing you at AGU in person or online!
GC073: Quantifying Nutrient Budgets for Sustainable Nutrient Management 

Nutrients, such as Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P), are critical for net primary productivity in agricultural and non-agricultural ecosystems and are consequently important for food and climate security. However, rising nutrient inputs to agricultural production and the biosphere have led to severe environmental issues. Quantifying nutrient budgets, including the nutrient inputs and outputs of a defined system or within a spatial boundary, is an essential step towards sustainable nutrient management, and also provides critical inputs to agronomic, biogeochemical, and climate models. Therefore, this session calls for research efforts on quantifying, analyzing, and/or projecting nutrient budgets on various system levels (e.g., crop and livestock production systems, integrated agro-food systems) and spatial scales (e.g., farms, watersheds, nations). This session aims to provide an opportunity to assess the advances and challenges in the existing nutrient budgeting methods and databases, and to engage discussions towards better quantification of nutrient budgets for various applications.

Conveners: Xin Zhang (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science), Luis Lassaletta (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Jill Baron (US Geological Survey), Wilfried Winiwarter (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)


Time and location for AGU 2021: Dec. 13-17, New Orleans, LA & Online Everywhere 
Submission Deadline: Wednesday, 4 August 23:59 EDT
Section/Focus Group: Global Environmental Change 
Cross-Listed: Science and Society, GeoHealth, Biogeosciences